5. Februar 2017

Yogafestival Summer of Love Anthony Fidler

Anthony ist ein wundervoller Mensch und Lehrer. Seit seinem Studium in Cambridge UK in den 1990ern verbrachte er fast jedes Jahr jeweils viele Monate bei seinen persönlichen Tai Chi Meistern in China um diese Kunst zu studieren. Er besitzt zudem über tiefe Erfahrungen im Tibetischem Buddhismus und Zen. Am Yogafestival Summer of Love gibt er Einführungen in Tai Chi und bietet persönliche Sitzungen mit der energetischen Heilarbeit Sei Ki an. Mehr über Anthony.

Anthony has spent most of the past 20 years living in India, Thailand & China exploring: Zen, Vipassana, Tai Chi, Yoga, and multiple bodywork healing systems, finally settling with Akinobu Kishi’s Sei Ki. He now works as a guide and facilitator using his personal experiences to help people with extreme sensitivity find balance in their lives. He also helps people who wish to support others deepen their self awareness and capacity for empathy and constructive therapy.

Thai Chi

No two teacher’s Tai Chi will be the same. For me, it is my way of remembering that I am a part of nature too and fully alive. When I practise my Tai Chi, first I am like the trees, rooted deep into the ground, unmovable and at peace  and then I become the river, sometimes quiet and gentle like a mountain stream, other times roaring like a mighty river, energy flowing in total aliveness.

My emphasis is on deep meditative connection, relaxation and personal expression. The movement is an expression of our body’s enjoyment in being alive, not in the sense that we get from passionate dance, but in the quiet sense of a spring bubbling up from the earth, flowing out and creating new life for us. It’s a kind of magic and makes me happy!




Sei Ki

I also call it HeartTouch, is a way of learning to be with other people without all of the defensive walls, confusing mists and prejudices that we normally place between ourselves and others. It is a touch based meditative ritual that teaches us to be authentically human with all of the vulnerability, beauty and pain which that entails. Along the way, both people, both the giver and receiver, change and grow from the experience and this goes out to touch everyone we share our lives with. All people can benefit from this practice, but it works particularly well as an intimacy practice for partners and an empathy practice for therapists.

Anthony will be offering private Sei Ki HeartTouch sessions through the Summer of Love festival. These can be in a therapy format, where I treat one person for about an hour or slightly longer if necessary, or as a private tutorial for a couple in which we will combine treatment with guidance for the couple to work together later.

At a beginners level, Sei Ki works as a beautiful connection practice, but when one has more experience, it evolves into a Zen / Shamanic body psychotherapy which can revitalise and open up blocked areas within our souls. It is not therapy, it is assisted Zen, inviting us to more fully become who we really are, and in this there is great healing.

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