4. Februar 2019

Yogafestival Summer of Love Daniel Salvatore

I come from Italy and am settled for a long time in Switzerland. My life journey has taken many different paths; even if they might appear diverging from each other, I found they are all interconnected.

I have studied engineering and worked for about ten years as a full time scientist and lecturer; now I only work in academia to a small percentage to make time for more movement, meditation and other studies.

I love to teach and practice meditation, yoga, acroyoga, slackline, juggling and a few more things, maintaining a balance between movement and stillness. Trying to merge these two sides of life and let them become one! That’s one of the way I understand Yoga. I used to say: Yoga is a big part of my life. I understood now that my life is actually a tiny part of Yoga.

Moving in full awareness in any discipline combined with deep immersed meditation establishes the balance between playing and staying. In both activities my ultimate goal is to live here and now, to play here and now, to stay here and now. Read more about Daniele

Class: AcroYoga: foundation and alignment

Normally we practice Yoga on Earth, sometimes on Water. Have you ever practiced on an element that actually has feelings?

If this ideas appeals to you then welcome to AcroYoga!

AcroYoga playfully joins elements from Yoga with the dynamic energy of Partner Acrobatic. Through this combination, the practitioner awakens and develops a deep awareness of his balance, body tension and concentration.

This class will kick off your AcroYoga practice letting you play as a base as well as a flyer in a safe and supportive environment.

You will discover the fundamental techniques of working in partners: what to do and how, what not to do and why. You will be given the basic techniques of how to assist two people working together: the fine art of spotting

And last but not least we will have a wonderful time for connecting with ourselves and with each other in a playful and fun way!
You can and are welcome to come alone, there is no need to come in partners.

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