17. Januar 2018

Yogafestival Summer of Love Manish Vyas

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Naad Yog, Mantra Shakti, Pranayam and Meditation

‘Life repeats itself mindlessly – unless you become mindful, it will go on repeating like a
wheel’ Osho

Manish grew up in India and learnt Indian classical and devotional music since he was a child. He
conducted and co-coordinated retreats in India during more than 15 years. During these years, he
was also actively involved with the music department of Osho Commune in India, while Osho was
still in his body. In this period, he was conducting live music for various meditation sessions, dance
sessions and concerts, all directed to a very specific purpose of deepening the quality of meditation.
This long period of experiments and experience reflects in his music. He is also a certified Hatha
Yoga teacher from Association for Yoga and Meditation School, Rishikesh.

Manish Vyas am Yogafestival

Manishs´program at the Summer of Love Yogafestival is designed for people in search of simple and effective techniques, in a way so that it brings the participants effortlessly and playfully closer to themselves, to the inner core, to the silent space within, to a space of love, gratitude and silence.The participant will come to know the true use of harmonizing techniques as conceived in ancient India.

They will be able to apply these techniques practically in their daily routine, for a more healthy, relaxed and fulfilling life. Open your heart and your mind; come immerse yourself in Raj and Naad Yoga, a combination of meditation, breathing techniques, movements, sound vibrations, and music. ‘Yoga’ is not a therapy as sometimes is wrongly understood in the West – it is a lifestyle, a philosophy and it does not apply only to the body, nor to any culture or religion in particular – it is a universal philosophy of body,
mind and spirit harmonization.



Manish Vyas am Yogafestival Sumemr of Love

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180 min Workshop and Practise in English

Basics of Indian music as an ancient powerful tool to spirituality, inner harmony and wellbeing: Sanskrit and the importance of pronunciation, development of the mantras by ancient wise ones from Ancient India, mantra, sound, how to use mantras in meditation, meaning and discussion of 2 selected mantras, chanting finishing with a mantra meditation.


Sarvasaar – A graceful approach to a comprehensive approach to pranayam with music:
scientifical theory and practice. Finsihing the practice with deep relaxation and short

A journey to the Inner Being through simple, ancient techniques from India.


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120 min Workshop in English

Naad Yog, the yoga of sound: the whole existence is a kind of sound, or a complex amalgamation of sounds – the whole existence is a combination of multiple mantras. Of these, a few mantras or a few sounds have been identified, which could be like keys. If you use them in a certain way, they become a key to open up a different dimension of life and experience within you. Through theory and practice, Manish opens the right understanding and the senses to this scientific concept of sound and chanting.

A journey to the Inner Being through simple, ancient techniques from India.


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