22. Februar 2017

Yogafestival Summer of Love Manish Shresta

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Manish is a practicioner of meditation and yoga, which he learned in Hansadha yoga ashram, Nepal with the disciples of Swami Satchiddananda and dedicates in making sacred, spiritual and ambient music for yoga and meditation.

Yogafestival mit Manish Sarod

Back in Nepal, he studied Ethnomusicolgy in Kathmandu university and studied indian classical music  and world music, mastering in  „Sarod“ (instrument of India) and indian classical vocal style.

The name of the instrument that he plays is called „Sarod“ and an ancient instrument „Human Voice“ which is used as principal instrument in Indian Classical music. The deep, relaxing and meditative sound of sarod and voice creates an ambience of peace and harmony which easily hyptonizes to the listeners, helping them to reach the meditative state.

Beside composing music , he gives meditative concert with combination of Sarod and voice  and  concert of Mantras and Kirtan, for yoga centers, yoga festival and music fesitvals.

Till now, he has finished two cds called „Peace in Mind and „Misterios Sound“ which are inspired from Indian ragas (selected musical notes which creates an ambience of relaxation and meditative mood to the listeners) and world music.



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Workshop Sound, Silence and Meditation. Discover the inner balance and Harmony within.

The objective of workshop is to find a space within us, where our consciousness and inner silence unites and takes us to the  state of inner peace. Practicing these techniques, we will help  our selves and the other to live in harmony in our day to day life.

In the workshop we will learn various techniques of Pranayama( conscious breathing techniques), Sukshma yoga( yoga for smaller part of our body), Nada yoga( Yoga of Sound).

Sukshma yoga  simply is a auto relaxation method of connecting  with our body and being conscious about the moment of relaxation. It helps  us to let us remind that our body is a conjuction of various smaller parts. To put in simple something big is made out of connection between the small things.

Nada yoga is a type of yoga where the sound plays the principle role. According to this yoga system the entire universe and all that exist within it are Nada( vibrations). So this system divides the sound into two part.One is Ahat Nada( sounds which are produced through intentions)  and the other is Anahat Nada( Primal sound from which the universe was created,which was always here and no one created it). So in this form of yoga music and mantra plays the important role and sound will be the doorway to enter in the realm of inner silence.


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Sein meditativer Klang wird Dich dabei in andere Sphären versetzen. Es ist mir eine grosse Freude, Manish Shresta aus Nepal für das Yogafestival Summer of Love gewinnen zu können, seine Musik ist eine wahre Bereicherung für uns!


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